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Whoop Whoop

Awwwww, 911 people are really nice! They got to come visit my brother and I today... My brother got his "Wisdom Teeth" taken out and he thought he could stand up and walk around but he fainted... He was pitch white and no one was home so I didn't kno what else to do but call 9-1-1! Rather stupid but at least I got to meet some new people! Oh and my brother is fine now... He is just rather needy and he eats a ton... Its so funny, I have to feed him! Lets see, I mushed some eggs for him, gave him soup and gave him some nice apple sauce... he got all exicted when the plane landed on his tongue... Only he couldn't really open his mouth wide... I cannot believe I'm babying my 19 year old brother... Oddly its kinda fun! And Funn-E!
haha... I love how I write in here a lot... it makes me happy!
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