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I just pressed a button and well I don't know what happened...

I have some exciting news for you all today! Today my mommy and I decided that we are going to be having a Garage Sale! Its going to be so awesome because we have a ton of stuff in my basement and my Mommy said she would give me all the money if I put it all together... PEK YOU CAN BE MY GUEST IF YOU WANT TO ADD YOUR THINGS IN MY SALE TO MAKE SOME MONEY! WOO! Well I just had to share that with you all... MUCH LOVE! goodbye...
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haha!! sweet! i would love to join the garage sale! woo! so thanks for the offer! hmmm, i might buy some of your stuff too, you have a lot of spiffy stuff!! hehe!we gotta start hanging out again and get out of this little social downfall we tend to get...!much love!
This is no *Social Downfall* this is a period of making plans and breaking them due to something else coming up... Our time schedules are just a little off... And wow I am getting dumb... I don't kno how to spell anything... so don't mind spelling errors... MUCH LOVE PEK! And don't think this is a social downfall but a time when we need to figure out a plan to create more free time for ourselves... I leave the 8th though so we must live up this week! The Garage Sale will probably start around the 19th or 20th... So whenever you find stuff you wanna sell, be my guest! And living on a main road causes a lot of customers which equals a lot of money! hehe... BYE KID!
P.S. haha... I don't think you want what I'm selling because its not as "Spiffy" as the things I have in my room but just some old things I've been dying to get rid of... Just label everything you want to sell with PEK and a price and we can record your money mmmk??!! Maybe I'll buy your fun stuff! WOOOO!! Well goodbye again