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ummmm hi..??!!

::NAME:: Lauren
::WHAT YOU WANT TO BE CALLED:: ummm Lauren??!!
::AGE:: 15 and a couple of weeks! woooo!
::BIRTHDATE:: June 24th
::SEX:: Female
::LOCATION:: Michigan... (Soon to be a ghetto town I swear!)
::SEXUAL PREFRENCE:: Men or Boys...
::MARITAL STATUS:: Single... =(
::HEIGHT:: 5'4 or 5'5
::HAIR COLOR:: Brown with some high light action going on... (golden tones!)
::EYE COLOR:: They tend to change but for the most part they are Green...
::ETHNICITY:: That word meaning white... Only I'm not white I'm a rather pinkish tan tone!
::GOT A PICTURE? (if so post):: A lot of them on the fridge but I would rather not post...
::HOBBIES:: I enjoy writing, KICK-BOXING (woo!) and I like giving people my input on things...
::FAV. MUSIC:: I like a lot of different types of music it is mostly based on my mood... Rap isn't really my thing though... It kinda frightens me...
::FAV. MUSIC ARTIST:: Awww I couldn't choose... I would feel bad if I left some of my favorite ones out!
::DO YOU KNOW WHAT A RENOB IS:: Yes, I do... And I think they look so funny! Just not on old people! Not like I look or anything!
::ARE YOU A RENOB:: Ummmm No?? I think it is kinda imposible to BE on but I kno people can have em! haha
::ANYTHING ELSE YOU'D LIKE US TO knOW:: I have a big sense of humor... I may not be all that funny to you all, but I sure can crack myself up sometimes!
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