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Yay! It looks like its gonna storm... We haven't had a storm in such a long time... Storms are honestly the funnest thing ever... I love going to sleep with the sound of rain and thunder! I tend to have dreams about trucks! School is so near and honestly I don't kno what my feelings are... I feel like its going to be like freshman year, which I hated... And well I'm not the greatest at making new friends because I really don't have social skills... But this year, I'll try?? I just need to learn how to first...
Pek-arama... We need to take photos together... We have to do ourselves all pretty and then take a bunch of pictures... That would really excite me! Well much love to you all...
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woo for liberty spikes. me and paige are having a crazy hair night and we're doing our hair in liberty spikes. i had to wash mine out though cuz paige screwed them up.
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to be rather random..

well Laura ((forgethursday)) has really sweet looking make-up on right now..i thought id just share that with you all...she has neon green eyeshadow and electric blue mascara on...it really brings out the blue in her eyes...very random but orgasmic...

-♥Much Love-

p.s. for those of you interested, Laura and I intend to post some pics tonight sometime!