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I like my men how I like my cheese...

-white and flaky-

The Renobulator
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This community is run by ugliest_ragdoll and forgethursday

-Meet new people and have fun...bitch, whine, laugh, be random, do whatever the hell you want-

--when/if you join please fill out and post the application..make it interesting:

-Nick Names-
-Sexual Prefrence-
-Marital Status-
-Hair Color-
-Eye Color-
-Got a picture? (if so post)-
-Do you know what a renob is-

-Music Genre-
-Music Artist/s-

-Is there anything else you'd like to let us know-

1)no putdowns
2)no stalking?
3)no one by the name of zack can join

PROMOTIONAL BANNERS! promote this community guys! woo!