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My darling application...

Salutations all- I saw an add for this in a community I am already in and thought it looked über neat so... POW! Hi...
My application of course!

-Name- Sparky Penndragon.
-Nick Names- Pretty much just Sparky...
-Age- 15
-Birthdate- January 8th
-Sex- Female of the species I am.
-Location- New Mexico, Albuquerque to be quite specific.
-Sexual Prefrence- Mostly lesbian but I do find boys cute, women are just better companions <3
-Marital Status- Not married, no one in mind as of now.
-Height- 5'4- 5'5 not quite sure anymore.
-Hair Color- Black with "Ultraviolet" "Atomic Turquoise" and "Hot Hot Pink" streaks- see picture.
-Eye Color- Blue.
-Ethnicity- White, very. Some Italian but I think it's overtaken by... WHITE.
-Got a picture? (if so post)- I do- my only recent one, I know it's crap... but I'll post a better one when I get my pictures developed on tuesday or so.. Sorry about the quality =(
-Do you know what a renob is- Well... not really. Boner backwards I think O.O

All I do know is there are 139 results on Google Images with SafeSearch off and the omitted results not included.

-Music Genre- Electronica, punk-ish stuff, Industrial.
-Music Artist/s- The Cure, MSI, Fiona Apple, The Decemberists, No Doubt.
-Food/s- Anything with huge amounts of carbohydrate, seriously. I love cereal and ice cream.
-Movie/s- American Beauty is my favorite movie of all time. I also quite enjoy Phantom of the Paradise, Donnie Darko, The Good Son and anything with Marilyn Monroe.
-Hobbies- DDR, my favorite thing. The internet, painting, drawing and... laughing.
-Color/s- Orange, purple, and any really vivid and gorgeously elegant shade of anything.
-Drink/s- Milkshakes, Italian soda, chai.

-Is there anything else you'd like to let us know- Well, I'm usually pretty nice but I am not very quick to trust people and I don't like having a lot of emotional stuff going on. Basically I don't like dealing with other people's drama if it's not that serious. Feel free to add me though, I love meeting new people <3
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