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::waves:: hi! i'm new... here's my intro survey-thingy and picture; sorry for the dullness of it!

-Name- Brandy
-Nick Names- none
-Age- 20
-Birthdate- October 2
-Sex- girl!!
-Location- Dallas, Texas
-Sexual Preference- I like guys – lol!
-Marital Status- single
-Height- 5’7
-Hair Color- brown
-Eye Color- brown
-Ethnicity- Caucasian
-Got a picture? (if so post)-

-Do you know what a renob is- I do now - :P

-Music Genre- rock
-Music Artist/s- too many to name
-Food/s- mmm… pasta and salads
-Movie/s- love actually and tons more…
-Hobbies- writing, photography, and lj
-Color/s- black and blue, but not at the same time! :o
-Drink/s- pepsi and juices – YUM!

-Is there anything else you'd like to let us know- ummm… not at the moment!!
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woo your birthday is a day before thought i should share that wonderful information with name is amber by the way...:O)
libras!! my step-dad's b-day is october 3 too. what can i say?? we're good people! ;)

nice to meet you, amber!
Whoa, did you kno on October 2nd 2004, You will be able to drink Whatever your heart desires! I'm sorry, I'm a loser! My birthday is 4 months before yours... I just thought I would be cool like Amber and share that with you... Well its nice meeting you and I'm happy you joined this Community!
So glad you decided to join!!
me too! its a cool community and the people here are awesome!! :)
hey there.. i love your name!!!
hi! thanks!