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This is Dedicated to young Paige...

Whoa Pek, I had the weirdest dream last night and you were in it! Okay, you were having a party in New York ((because you just bought a house there, oddly your new house has the same exact family/living room as you do now)) So anyways, Becky was there and this girl from "Daweson Creek" was there and all these really popular, ugly girls from our school were there... And so anyways, Becky and this Audry girl from "Daweson's Creek" were having a fist fight and I tried breaking it up but I caused Becky's chin to start gushing blood... And then they all got mad at me so Lorraine started like yelling at me or something saying "Whats your problem" and well then I decided to go take a walk outside... and so you came outside and you were like "You want to go on a walk" and then you pointed to which direction we were going to go walking towards and well you had this snake tatoo that had green and limegreen and maybe a little bit of yellow in it wrapped around your arm... it was actually pretty sweet looking... ((the snake's head was like perfectly shaped)) and well then I was like "whoa" and I woke up... it was a pretty odd dream so yeah... but okay I've been having dreams about buses and I keep on missing them... like the night before I had a dream that i was going to cedar point with you and you had this thick green scarf wrapped around your hair like a headband and well I couldn't get on the bus because I didn't have my ticket so i had to just stand there or something... (i woke while i was just standing in this deserted area) and then last night i had a dream that i was trying to get on this bus but I couldn't find the right one to take me home... it was oh so confusing... so yeah... Does a bus mean anything in your dream book??!! Well i'm gonna go work out and then take a shower so goodbye young pek... Sorry I just had to share that with you! wooo!
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