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hey, here's my application :)


::NAME:: Kathleen, but I go by Katie
::WHAT YOU WANT TO BE CALLED:: Katie, please, never ever, EVER call me Kathleen
::AGE:: 16
::BIRTHDATE:: 7.11.88
::SEX:: female
::LOCATION:: novato, CA (i'm about 45minutes away from San Francisco)
::SEXUAL PREFRENCE:: i'm pansexual, so if you're human and you're breathing i might fuck you
::MARITAL STATUS:: taken by my boyrfriend, a female to male transsexual
::HEIGHT:: 5'5
::HAIR COLOR:: blonde
::EYE COLOR:: brown
::ETHNICITY:: caucasian...white...whatever you want to call it
::GOT A PICTURE? (if so post):: yep
::HOBBIES:: making things ou of duct tape, working with children and adults with mental retardation (i know it's a miss america answer, but it's so much fun! my sister has downs syndrome), writing, playing my new bass
::FAV. MUSIC:: mostly punk, emo sometimes, hardcore, underground, and techno
::FAV. MUSIC ARTIST:: AFI, Nirvana or Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies (Fat Mike is my jesus)
::DO YOU KNOW WHAT A RENOB IS:: yes, isn' it boner spelled backwards
::ARE YOU A RENOB:: no...but i wish i was...maybe someday...
::ANYTHING ELSE YOU'D LIKE US TO knOW:: hmmm...don't eat duct tape, and sporks kick so much fucking ass!

<img src="http://img78.photobucket.com/albums/v344/the_pan_gnome4u/Katie.jpg">


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